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Day 3: A little rain never hurt anyone…right?

August 11, 2009

Day three…things never go as planned. Thank goodness I’ve learned to be flexible!

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  1. Ellie Maggio permalink
    August 12, 2009 1:11 am

    For those of you just getting to know Corine, I would like to help you know her better. Ever since she was a little girl, Corine was interested in colors, design, art and music. She did very interesting things with furniture and paint!!! Corine was never one to give up. Tell her she couldn’t so something and she would prove you wrong EVERY time. She was the heart and soul of our family. When she wasn’t around things were very quiet and we always missed her. Dinner time was so much fun with Corine. She always came up with something to make us laugh. Corine is the champion of the environment as well as those less fortunate. She has a great big heart to match her gorgeous smile and incredible personality. I am so very proud of Corine and I hope all of you vote for her because she is one awesome lady and I am proud to call her my daughter.

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