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Corine PinkbarcorineHometown: Highland, IN  

Current town: San Diego, CA

– Age: 25

– Education: 

Senior at the Design Institute of San Diego

I also spent some time at the University Wisconsin La Crosse.

– Current Occupation:

Oriental Rug sales, design, and advertising at Aja Rugs in La Jolla, CA.  Intern at id studios in Solana Beach, CA

– First design memory:

Drawing up scaled floor plans I designed during my 6th grade science class.

– Why I should win NNTMH Designer of the year?

Winning NNTMH can help propel me into a position to make great change. I plan on using my entire life to benefiting human kind and the planet through design. I am an environmentalist and a humanitarian and believe that design can change the world. Winning this competition can help me help others.

– What would be your ultimate dream design project?

There is no one job that I could dream up to be the best, however I would love to work on a project and with people who also feel that how we interact and feel about our material objects can change from a wasteful, superficial, environmentally and personally destructive culture to one that is resourceful, meaningful, conscious, and enriching.-  I would really love any job that incorporates design to benefit the greater good and people less fortunate.

When designing, what can’t you live without?

Inspiration…and a pleasant client 🙂

– At what point of the day do you feel most inspired?

Early mornings and late nights…ok, who am I kidding, pretty much all day long.

– Name a design trend that should go away?

The affinity for newness.

– State one thing that others don’t know about you.

I’ve done the 2nd highest bungee jump in the the world…440 feet, baby! 

– What did you aspire to be as a child?

A good person(that sounds cheesy but it’s true! I seriously used to think that as a child)…and a designer. I used to make the most amazing lego houses and pretty much rearranged my room every chance I got, even though my parents told me that dragging furniture twice my weight around would rip up the carpet. Sometimes you just have to break the rules, no matter the cost.

– Strangest design request:

Design the living room of a model home with $5000 in 28 days while 6 other people do the same and then let the nation vote on their favorite.

– You want me to design around that?

Shrimp dip walls…anyone?   (sorry, thats a little inside joke between the cast)

– My secret to design:

Honesty…but thats no secret

– What I plan to do with my $25,000: 

I plan on putting the money away until I find a clear and definite way to stretch it as far as possible to benefit as many people as I can with it through design. And honestly, I will probably put a few grand towards my student loans or towards graduate school.

– Favorites:

Color: Green (shocker, I know)
Music: I love everything, of course, but my favorite genres are jazz and bluegrass
Song: Right now my favorite is Furr by Blitzen Trapper
Food: Bruschetta and ice cream (not together) and pretty much anything out of the Babycakes Cookbook
Website: …ok, I’m sucking up, but it is fantastic! 
Movie: Paper Moon, Man on Wire, Life is Beauitful, and about a thousand other foreign films
TV Show: The Amazing Race
Room to design:  I like to design little nooks of space. They’re like little hide-aways within the home. 
Thing in your home: My “Shelter” book by Lloyd Khan…it’s seriously amazing
Hobbies: How much time do you have?
Design tip:
Love everything you own